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Creativity is play - inventing, experimenting and having fun.

At Cherry Road Art Studio, you can find your creativity, meet like-minded people, learn, play
and make beautiful things.
Pat Davidson is the artist-in-residence and teacher at Cherry Road Art Studio. She has been a practicing artist
and teacher for over forty years. Pat's teaching focuses on fostering creativity and her specialty areas are
fabric and textile art, spinning, weaving, and printing on fabric.  She creates wearable art pieces as well as
exhibition work. To find out more about Pat, please visit the
Profile page.
Pat can help you find your inner creativity and connect with your artistic side. She runs group
workshops, classes and conducts one-on-one and small group sessions by appointment. Come
by yourself, or bring your friends. To find out more, please visit the
Classes page.
Pat is an artist with decades of experience. To see more of Pat's work, please visit the Gallery
In 2013 Pat began making beautiful silk scarves and pashminas For more information, please
visit the
Wearables page or click on the thumbnails below.