At Cherry Road Art Studio, we run a range of courses to suit all interests and levels. Perhaps you're
interested in a small group workshop or an individual class in the studio?       Artist-in-residence,  Pat
Davidson creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in her classes and enjoys helping you to gain
confidence in your ability to be creative and make art.  
Classes available in

The process of creating is not unique to artists.  Everyday creativity is achievable and can even make
us physically and mentally more healthy.  Work through a series of ideas and tasks to stimulate your
own creativity.

Making Art with a Sewing Machine
Making art using free machining and fabric painting.  Make a variety of examples and combine them to
produce a composition of your own

Spinning and Weaving
A hands-on experience of learning to make things from fibres.  If you knit or crotchet you will be able to
make your own original yarns to work with.    You will explore a range of simple loom and off-loom forms
during the class.

 Rust Dyeing
Create specific designs or drawings by making rust on fabric. Old sheets or well washed cotton works
best, lace and old clothes or  thick watercolour papers.

A creative and entertaining journey into the world of 3D art.  This course uses a variety of methods and
materials.  It would appeal those who simply want to explore their own creativity in three dimensions or to
teachers and artists looking for unusual ways of working in 3D.

Soft Sandstone
Create, design and carve works of art from reconstructed sandstone, a soft medium which is safe and
easy to handle. During the class you will be shown how to make your own blocks, the safe use of tools
and the process of designing your own 3D forms.

Making your own paper is fun and easy. Create different types of paper from delicate pages with
appliqué to coloured sheets and thick card which can be sculpted into 3D forms.
Would you like to discuss a tailored workshop, group class or one-on-one session?
Perhaps you and some friends would like to know more about making art? We can tailor
programs to individuals, small groups at the studio or larger groups at pre-arranged venues.

Email us for details of how to organise a private workshop or one-on-one with Pat .
To find out more about Pat, visit the Artist's Profile page.
As a Visual Arts teacher, Pat has prepared students in both the practical and theoretical aspects of the HSC for
many years and has often worked with students from other schools specialising in art textiles or sculpture for their
Major Work. She also works with more advanced students and throughout her career has mentored artists
working towards a Master of Visual Arts, undergraduate degrees and at TAFE.
Copyright 2012 Pat Davidson  Cherry Road Art Studio
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